Pollyanna Beeley was born in Sheffield in 1970. She trained at Harrow College of Art and the University of Central England where she graduated with an Honours Degree in Three-Dimensional Design in 1992. She specialises in design dedicated to the application of aluminium.

The distinctive colouring in each work is achieved using the industrial electrochemical process of anodising, which allows dye to be permanently absorbed into the surface of the metal; various innovative dyeing techniques, developed over many years, are then applied, which give the work it's special presence.

Her innovative artwork has gained increasing admiration and acclaim internationally and features in several public collections, namely the "Challenge of Materials Gallery" at the Science Museum and "Earth's Treasury" at the Natural History Museum in London.

Artworks created by Pollyanna have been shown in varied exhibitions which include "Nature Formed and Transformed" at the Freehand Gallery in Los Angeles and more recently "Aluminium by Design" at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. This prestigious exhibition has toured to various high profile locations in the U.S.A. and Canada including New York, Miami, Detroit and Montreal. The exhibition completed it's tour of Europe in November 2003.